Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions for the New Year!

First off - Let me wish you a very Happy New Year!

I love even numbers - it is a thing since childhood - so I am always glad when the new year being rung in is even. I am anticipating an excellent year for 2010!

I spent the afternoon brainstorming and planning all the things that I want to make sure are implemented in my life this year. I usually write a journal entry or letter to myself that records my goals - and it is interesting to follow my progress from year to year. Sometimes I am wayyyyy too optimistic in stating what I am going to accomplish - for 2009 I had wanted to complete a large number of paintings. I didn't even get one done but I was written up in a magazine with several of my past pieces. That was quite cool.

For 2010 - the overall gist of what I wrote was to be disciplined in doing small things towards each of the areas I identified as being important to me.

  • everyday I will make the point to COMMUNICATE with one friend or relative I haven't had contact with for 6 months to a year or more ( it pains me to think how many people fall into this category).
  • systematically CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER in our house. ( 15 minutes at a time!) We have been in the new BIG house for 5 years. It was a naked skeleton when we moved in and now it is stuffed to the gills! How did we manage that?
  • build WEALTH in all areas of my life - with my husband, with each of my children, with our friends and family, with our finances
  • FITNESS AND HEALTH - daily stretching and movement - weights - and reduce my weight!!! Bikiniland is not my dream destination at the moment
  • LEARNING - about investing - about my computer .... photoshop
  • monthly MENU PLANNING and grocery lists
  • writing in this BLOG - I thought a weekly blurb would be a good amount
  • CLEANING - staying on top of this in our house - quite fun with the boys and pets and friends and work but I know it can be done if a little is tackled each day - I have a plan!!!

Well, those are some of the items that I wrote down that I wanted to keep track of and improve. My whole list is rather long and of course some of it is private!

My main purpose of this blog was to track the Money Game that I am playing. I am playing 5 games. I am tracking them in my black accounting book and on a white board in our mud room. I am visual and it helps me to see things so I posted each of the games on the board - I recorded what stage I was at in each game - and how much was needed for the next level.

The game works on the premise that it only takes 28 STEPS TO DOUBLE A PENNY INTO OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS - when I read about this game - I thought it was so fun - and I couldn't wait to find my first penny so I could begin.

You do not use any of your own funds to double the money - you must be creative and ethical.

  • Your first found or given penny .......... Stage One
  • Your first penny is doubled into 2 cents. .......... Stage Two
  • That 2 cents is doubled into 4 cents. .......... Stage Three
  • 4 cents into 8 cents. .......... Stage Four
  • 8 cents into 16 cents .......... Stage Five
  • 16 cents into 32 cents .......... Stage Six
  • 32cents into 64 .......... Stage Seven
  • 64 cents into $1.28 .......... Stage Eight
  • $1.28 into $2.56 .......... Stage Nine
  • $2.56 into $5.00 (for simplicities sake) .......... Stage Ten
  • $5 doubles into $10 .......... Stage Eleven
  • $10 doubles into $20 .......... Stage Twelve
  • $20 doubles into $40 .......... Stage Thirteen
  • $40 doubles into $80 .......... Stage Fourteen
  • $80 doubles into $160 .......... Stage Fifteen
  • $160 doubles into $320 .......... Stage Sixteen
  • $320 doubles into $640 .......... Stage Seventeen
  • $640 doubles into $1028 .......... Stage Eighteen
  • $1028 into $2056 .......... Stage Nineteen
  • 2056 into 5000 (simplicity again!) .......... Stage Twenty
  • $5000 into $10,000 .......... Stage Twenty One
  • $10,000 into $20,000 .......... Stage Twenty Two
  • $20,000 into $40,000 .......... Stage Twenty Three
  • $40,000 into $80,000 .......... Stage Twenty Four
  • $80,000 into $160,00o .......... Stage Twenty Five
  • $160,000 into $320,000 .......... Stage Twenty Six
  • $320,000 into $640,000 .......... Stage Twenty Seven
  • $640,000 into $1,028,000 .......... Stage Twenty Eight

When you surpass a stage - more than double it - that money is not to be used towards the next stage - it is your REWARD for completing the stage - and you need to spend it on yourself or give it away before you proceed to the next stage - and it needs to be the exact amount of your overage - you do not add any of your own money to the REWARD - Have fun spending it! I have bought gummy bears ( 5 cent candies), lotto tickets, bagels, cookies, and started or helped others along in their games with my REWARDS.

There are other rules that make the playing of the game more fun - my take on it is - I have nothing to loose and everything to gain by playing - and I would like to have as many people along on the journey so that we can learn from each other. So join me!! - for a copy of the rules that were sent to me just email me at

On my next posting I will let you know where I am at in my games so you can follow along.